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Topic:  The Vision Cornerstone:

 Process for building a vision that resonates in stages 1 and 2.

NOTE: Theis is a series of new Video Curriculum item, not live webinars. Details to be announced.

10/14 - The Components of Vision:  mission, core values, vision

To create a strong mission that can inspire and be communicated well, we first have to understand the moving parts of a vision, in this 30 minute video we'll take a look at the the three components and what roles they play, as well as a few examples 

10/28 - Vision Process in Stage 1 Development - building and communicating

We've reviewed what "vision" is comprised of, now how do we build that first vision in stage 1, what's the process? What are some tips on communicating that vision well at this stage? We'll cover all this in this 30 minute video

11/11 - Vision Process in Stage 2 Development - from ours to everyone's

Vision needs to be revisited as your co-op develops from stage 1 to stage 2 to incorporate what you've learned from the owners about their vision for their co-op and up community buy in. Why? How to go about it? Join us for 30 minutes and we'll dive into these questions! 

Top Toolbox Items

How to Start a Food Co-op

How to Start A Food Co-op  A good overview of the entire retail co-op organizing process. Everyone on your steering committee should look at this.

Capital Campaign Workbook

Capital Campaign Workbook  A guide to raising member capital for retail food co-ops.


Development Flow Chart A graphical guide to the organization process


Just getting started talking about a co-op in your community? View the archived webinar  Let's Start a Food Co-op! What do we do now?

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