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Up & Coming food co-op conference

March 10-11, 2017 Milwaukee, WI

Simoly the best co-op event for startups!  New workshops, new "Innovations" track, more case studies! Learm n more at 

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Application for attendance grants are due by 1/6/2017.


Top Toolbox Items

***New Jan. 2017***   The FCI Guide to Starting a Food Co-op.  Our comprehensive guide to start a co-op.  Includes the steps, case studies, templates, and much more for building a retail food co-op in your community.

Capital Campaign Workbook

Capital Campaign Workbook  A workbook for raising member capital for retail food co-ops.


Development Flow Chart A graphical guide to the organization process


Just getting started talking about a co-op in your community? View the archived webinar  Let's Start a Food Co-op! What do we do now?

And check out some other Searchable Links  for food co-op development