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Setting Ownership Goals

Wednesday, July 20th, 1 P.M. CT

 (Note: this webinar is on Wednesday instead of Tuesday.)


Growing your owner base is key to success for a startup food co-op, but how many owners does your particular startup need to do your market study? Launch your owner capital campaign? Open your doors? Food co-op development specialist Jacqueline Hannah will lead you through current thinking on best practices in this area and share tips on how to create these goals and use them to drive your startup forward.

Top Toolbox Items

How to Start a Food Co-op

How to Start A Food Co-op  A good overview of the entire retail co-op organizing process. Everyone on your steering committee should look at this.

Capital Campaign Workbook

Capital Campaign Workbook  A guide to raising member capital for retail food co-ops.


Development Flow Chart A graphical guide to the organization process


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 Searchable Links Everything for food co-op development