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CCMA 2015: June 11-13, Boise, ID

 Early bird registration ends 4-23-2015.
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The competitive, social and environmental changes we are facing will require food co-ops to innovate and improve in order to survive and thrive. CCMA 2015 is designed to help us think together about how to be better co-ops and better retailers. At this year’s CCMA, we will shape the national cooperative conversation, communicating the impact food cooperatives have on the local, regional and national economies. CCMA 2015 provides an unprecedented opportunity for managers and board members of food co-ops (big and small) and their support communities to Innovate, Grow and Lead collaboratively. Startups will find many useful resources as well.



Top Toolbox Items

How to Start a Food Co-op

How to Start A Food Co-op  A good overview of the entire retail co-op organizing process. Everyone on your steering committee should look at this.


Development Flow Chart A graphical guide to the organization process


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 Searchable Links Everything for food co-op development