Financial Tools

Sources & Uses Template
How much will it cost to start your co-op? Where will the money come from? Bill Gessner's Sources & Uses Template will help you to understand and create this essential start-up budget.

Chart of Accounts 
This chart of accounts template is made available by CoopMetrics and is the basis for their financial performance database. Designed specifically for retail food co-ops, this tool will help ensure that your bookkeeping systems are properly configured.

Member Loan Toolbox (doc)
Member Loan Toolbox (pdf)
Information you need to plan a member loan campaign, organize the timeline, calculate goals, etc. Available in Word format with customizable templates for your loan documents, or PDF for ease of downloading and reading.


Intro to Food Co-op Finance By: Mel Braverman

Developing A Budget For A Food Cooperative By: Stuart Reid, Food Co-op Initiative

Capitalizing your co-op - By: Tami Bauers & Bill Gessner, CDS Consulting Co-op

Planning your member loan campaign - By: Bill Gessner, CDS Consulting Co-op

Capitalization - Panel Discussion