Financial Tools

Sources & Uses Template March 2016 update
How much will it cost to start your co-op? Where will the money come from? Bill Gessner's Sources & Uses Template will help you to understand and create this essential start-up budget.

Click to download: Excel Spreadsheet CoCoCOA - Sample Chart of Accounts from CoMetrics

Capital Campaign Workbook 2016 replacement of Member Loan Toolbox
A guide to raising member capital for retail food co-ops.


Intro to Food Co-op Finance By: Mel Braverman

Developing A Budget For A Food Cooperative By: Stuart Reid, Food Co-op Initiative

Capitalizing your co-op - By: Tami Bauers & Bill Gessner, CDS Consulting Co-op

Planning your member loan campaign - By: Bill Gessner, CDS Consulting Co-op

Capitalization - Panel Discussion