About Us

Welcome to the Food Co-op Initiative

The Food Co-op Initiative Program is a 501(c)3 non-profit, dedicated to enabling a faster and more efficient start-up process to develop new retail grocery co-ops. 

Development Model

The Food Co-op Initiative Development Model was developed by Cooperative Development Services, a partner with NCB and National Cooperative Grocers Association in designing this program. All three organizations believe that the model, if followed by the applicant, will result in a greater chance for success.

Food Co-op Initative Development Model
The model is based upon the four cornerstones of vision, talent, capital, and systems that are each within three stages of food co-op development: organizing, feasibility and planning, and finally implementation. The four cornerstones and their three stages comprise a process for developing a cooperative retail food business. This process recognizes the need for support systems along the journey and seeks to provide assistance to approved applicants during the various stages.

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