Comprehensive Guides

THE FCI GUIDE TO STARTING A FOOD CO-OP.  Our comprehensive guide to start a co-op.  Includes the steps, case studies, templates, and much more for building a retail food co-op in your community.

Let's Start a Food Co-op! What should we do now? - our webinar that aims you at the basic resources for people just considering bringing a food co-op to their community. THen review the What Do I Do First handout.

CAPITAL CAMPAIGN WORKBOOK  A workbook for raising member capital for retail food co-ops.

A Guide to Starting and Growing a Whole Food Grocery
This is a very nice guide to starting a worker-owned retail grocery assembled by the Unicorn Co-op in England. Use with caution since not everything "translates" to U.S. laws and markets.

A Co-op in Your Community? (ppt)
A PowerPoint slide presentation that you can use at community meetings or to introduce volunteers to co-ops and their benefits.

A Food Co-op in Your Community (video)
This 10 minute presentation features interviews with co-op organizers, shoppers and supporters. Ask for a free DVD or view a streaming version. Watch now »

Development Flowchart
A graphical guide to the organizing process, utilizing the Four Cornerstones in Three Stages model 

Just Food: Co-op Development Timeline
An example of the actual planning and implementation process from a recent start-up.