Contact Us

Phone: 844-324-2667

     You can contact a Development Specialist at Food Co-op Initiative whenever you have questions, need guidance, or cannot find what you need on our site.
     What will it cost? Nothing! While we cannot provide consulting services for you, our advice and assistance is free. Food Co-op Initiative is supported by a major grant from the Blooming Prairie Foundation with additional funding from other individuals and organizations that support the growth of retail food co-ops.
     How can you say "thanks"? Please consider a donation to support our continued work with food co-ops across the country. Additionally, one of the cooperative principles is that co-ops help other co-ops. We encourage you to share what you learn as you organize a new co-op with other start-ups. Direct contact helps build support networks and friendships; we can also post on our site documents that you are willing to share.
     We also welcome your suggestions, feedback, and ideas for how we can improve our service to you.