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Cooperating at the White House

Stuart at White HouseStuart Reid and friends at the White House

"The U.S. cooperative model is alive and well, creating jobs and strengthening communities each and every day around the country." This message was one that Stuart Reid, FCI Executive Director, along with 150 cooperative leaders from around the U.S., took to a recent White House briefing. It was a momentous opportunity to educate senior officials from the Obama Administration about the co-op model.

There are currently 29,000 cooperatives across the U.S.. These organizations generate two million jobs annually and account for more than $3 trillion in assets, over $500 billion in total revenue, and $25 billion in wages and benefits. The cooperative model can be found across numerous industries—including agriculture, childcare, energy, financial services, food distribution, health care, housing, retail, telecommunications and more.