Live Webinars and Video Curriculum for 2016

Food Co-op Initiative offers live webinars and video curriculum on a variety of topics relevant to startups. Expect in-depth information from subject-matter experts and a chance to get your questions answered.

2016 Upcoming Webinars: 

Topic:  The Vision Cornerstone: process for building a vision that resonates in stages 1 and 2
Three video curriculum offerings, access details to be announced.
10/14 - The Components of Vision:  mission, core values, vision
To create a strong mission that can inspire and be communicated well, we first have to understand the moving parts of a vision, in this 30 minute video we'll take a look at the the three components and what roles they play, as well as a few examples 
10/28 - Vision Process in Stage 1 Development - building and communicating
We've reviewed what "vision" is comprised of, now how do we build that first vision in stage 1, what's the process? What are some tips on communicating that vision well at this stage? We'll cover all this in this 30 minute video
11/11 - Vision Process in Stage 2 Development - from ours to everyone's
Vision needs to be revisited as your co-op develops from stage 1 to stage 2 to incorporate what you've learned from the owners about their vision for their co-op and up community buy in. Why? How to go about it? Join us for 30 minutes and we'll dive into these questions! 


2016 Webinar Archive

October 14: Vision Series: Components of Vision 1 of 3  View Online  |  Slides

September 23: Owner Loans 201 - A Deep Dive  View Online  |  Slides  and the embedded video

September 2: Owner Loans 101 - A Deep Dive  View Online  |  Slides  |   GTG Case Study Handouts

July: Setting Ownership Goals  View Online  |  Slides

June:  The Highest Startup Capital Campaign Yet  View Online  |  Slides  |   GTG Case Study Handouts

May:  Let's Start a Food Co-op!  What do we do first?  View Online  |  Slides  |  Handout

April:  The NEW Capital Campaign Workbook  View Online  |  Slides  |  Download the Workbook

March:  The Seed Grant 2016  View Online  |  Slides

February:  Messaging 101 for Startups View Online | Slides

January:  Up & Coming 2016 View Online | Slides


2015 Webinar Archive

December:  Monadnock Food Co-op Case Study View Online | Slides

November: Bylaws Basics View Online | Slides

September: Launching with Social Media View Online | Slides

August 18th: Branding Times Three: Stage 3: Implementation and Opening the Doors  View Online | Slides | Handouts

August 4th: Branding Times Three: Stage 2: Organizing and Builidng Relationships  View Online | Slides | Handouts

July: Branding Times Three: Stage 1—inquiry and gaining momentum

View Online | Slides  | Handouts

June: An Insiders Look at Project Management Now Online | Slides | Sample Project Manager Job Description

May: Insurance 101 For Food Co-ops Now Online | Slides

April: 2015 Seed Grants Now Online | Slides

2014 Webinar Archive

See our complete list of web-based training and webinars

All slides/materials can be download from our slides page.


February: NCGA and the Development Cooperative Now Online

March: Taxes and Accounting for Startups Now Online | Slides

April: Your Best Meeting Ever Now Online | Slides

May: Preparing for a Capital Campaign Now Online | Slides

June: Membership Building with Events Now Online | Slides

July: Stop Rolling the Dice with Membership Growth Now Online | Slides

August: Co-op as the Hero: Storytelling for Startup Success Now Online | Slides | Handout

September: Designing Your Co-op Store Now Online | Slides

October: What is a Feasibility Study Anyway? Now Online | Slides

November: Hiring Your First GM Now Online | Slides

December: Raising Your First $10,000 Now Online | Slides