Live Webinars 2014

Third Tuesdays at 1 PM Central, Food Co-op Initiative offers webinars on a variety of topics relevant to startups. Expect in-depth information from subject-matter experts and a chance to get your questions answered. 


Tues, Dec 16: How to Raise Your First $10,000

Ideally, co-ops raise funds for startup costs through member equity. But what about co-ops that have not yet incorporated? This webinar will cover fundraising strategies for early in the organizing process. Join Stuart Reid and Suzi Carter of FCI for ideas and live conversation. Register Now

2014 Webinar Archive

All slides/materials can be download from our slides page.


February: NCGA and the Development Cooperative Now Online

March: Taxes and Accounting for Startups Now Online

April: Your Best Meeting Ever Now Online

May: Preparing for a Capital Campaign Now Online

June: Membership Building with Events Now Online

July: Stop Rolling the Dice with Membership Growth Now Online

August: Co-op as the Hero: Storytelling for Startup Success Now Online

September: Designing Your Co-op Store Now Online

October: What is a Feasibility Study Anyway? Now Online

November: Hiring Your First GM Now Online


CDS Consulting Co-op Events


Cooperative Board Leadership 101 (CBL101) is an in-person, multi-co-op, one-day training designed to provide a strong foundation for directors. While especially helpful for those new to co-op boards, all directors, top-level managers, and board candidates are welcome to participate. 

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Leadership Training

This new in-person, one-day, multi-co-op session is designed to provide board members with training that will help them incorporate the strategic process into the board's work plan, build more effective teams, and develop themselves as board leaders in order to provide strong leadership for co-ops. Board chairs, general managers, and others interested in board leadership are encouraged to attend. 

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Cooperative Cafes

Build common understanding and alignment at individual co-ops and among co-ops. The day is highly interactive with brief presentations and use of The Cooperative Cafe, a format for asking powerful questions for focused conversations. Seminars will concentrate on understanding issues related to growing our co-ops and the impact our co-ops make in their communities.

  • October 18 – Albuquerque, NM

  • October 25 – Mt. Pleasant, MI

  • November 1 – Philadelphia, PA

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