Site Visit with Fuquay-Varina 

FV board meeting

Board members, Vicki, Tiffany and Tammie enjoy a working breakfast with Food Cooperative Initiative representatives Stuart Reid and Suzi Carter.

Squarely in the middle of Stage 2, Fuquay-Varina Community Market (that's few-kway-vuh-ree-nah) is at an exciting point in its development. Their seven-person board recently raised sufficient member-equity to fund a market study that will include site recommendations for the future store. While they eagerly await the findings, they're working towards their next goal: to hit 400 members.

For our site visit, we wanted to track progress of Fuquay-Varina as a Seed Grant recipient, but also to better understand their  current challenges so we could tailor recommendations and resources accordingly. On this visit, we worked on techniques for member recruitment, volunteer management, and board development that they're already beginning to implement. Follow Fuquay-Varina's progress on Facebook  - sharing, supporting, and learning from each other is the co-op way!