Buying Club Resources

While we'd love to see a grocery food co-op in every community across the U.S., sometimes a brick and mortar store is not a realistic or viable option. In these instances, an online buying club may be a good alternative.

This being said, starting an online buying club with the hope of later starting a full-service grocery has slowed many groups and kept some from realizing their bigger vision of a store. If a full-service grocery is what you want, we encourage you to stay on track. Contact one of our startup specialists to talk this through at

Here are some resources if a retail storefront is not the right fit for your community:

How to Start a Buying Club
A comprehensive guide to starting a cooperative buying club

Starting a Buying Club 
A webinar with Stuart Reid & Jake Schlachter, Food Co-op Initiative

Starting an Online Local Food Co-op
A very thorough case study, including resources, templates, and advice.