Policy Templates for Startups 
At last! A clear, comprehensive set of board policies designed specifically for startup co-ops. Created by CDS Consulting Co-op as part of their CBLD (Co-op Board Leadership Development) program, this document includes suggested board agreements and policies for each stage of organizing, along with committee charters. 

Policy Governance Source Document
A description of how Carver Policy Governance is structured.

Golden Rule Guide to the Rules
Robert's Rules of Order primer and clarifier.

Effective and Accountable Organizing Teams
Slides and handouts from a workshop on improving your board or steering team's effectiveness and productivity--by Art Sherwood of CDS Consulting Co-op.

How to be an Effective Board President - PDF
How to be an Effective Board President - Video 
These paired resources detail the skills needed to be the leader your organization needs.



Effective Boards and Teams: Structure and Accountability - By: Ben Sandel and Michael Healy, CDS Consulting Co-op

Effective Boards and Teams II: Teamwork, Process, and Decision-Making - By: Ben Sandel, Michael Healy, Art Sherwood, CDS Consulting Co-op

Building a Strong Base: Group Process and LeadershipBy: Ben Sandel & Marilyn Scholl, CDS Consulting Co-op

Shifting Gears to Governance By: Ben Sandel & Marilyn Scholl, CDS Consulting Co-op

Strategic Leadership By: Art Sherwood