Marketing & Membership

Member Equity Toolbox
(Note 2/5/2016: This will be replaced by the new Capital Campaign Workbook shortly. Stay tuned!) A thorough explanation of membership program structures, capital planning and more.

Marketing Strategies for Start-ups (pdf)
Great ideas for how to promote your co-op and create a consistent, recognizable identity. 

Hub City Marketing Plan
A comprehensive marketing plan for Hub City in their Implementation stage, raising investment and membership funds from the community.

Marketing for Start-Ups
Slideshow of marketing ideas and logos from a presentation at CCMA 2010. 

Membership Brochure Template
Presenting a professional image is important when you want to attract member owners. Unless you have a graphic designer on your steering committee, getting a brochure made can be an expensive proposition. We have the solution: Use ours!

Timelines for Members
Answer that perenial question, "When will the co-op open?" with an easy-to-share timeline based on membership goals rather than fixed dates. Article, examples, and template.

Additional Links

Membership Events

House Party Handbooks: House parties can help recruit new members and build awareness.  


Building a Member Recruitment Campaign to Scale  - By: Jake Schlachter, Food Co-op Initiative

Marketing for Membership - By: Suzi Carter, FCI

Members economic participation - By: Marilyn Scholl, CDS Consulting Co-op

Marketing and promotion - By: Kelly Smith, NCGA

Building a Brand, Designing a Logo By: Ellen Michel & Sarabeth Drybread