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Durham Co-op Market Named 2015 Startup of the Year

At the 2015 CCMA conference in Boise, Idaho, June11-13, Food Co-op Initiative was excited to present the award for 2015 Startup of the Year to Durham Co-op Market (DCM). This award is given to a startup that opened in the last twelve months, after showing careful planning, persistence, and and the skill to bring an idea to fruition as a retail grocery store .   Located in Durham, North Carolina, DCM opened in March with overwhelming support from the community. Commitment, perseverance, and patience paid off! Since 2007 this community has never lost sight of their vision and have been rewarded with a beautiful new store that is exceeding expectations. Sales in the first few weeks ran up to 50% above projections and 500 new member-owners joined in their first 6 weeks.   Durham's general manager Leila Wolfrum was at CCMA to accept the award on the co-op's behalf. She cited the waves of volunteers, board members, community organizations, and staff that worked though the ups ad downs of a startup in an urban area. When the first site selection failed to prove feasible, they had to shift gears and reboot the project. The result is an amazing store that will serve a large community with integrity.   You can read more about Durham Co-op Market and several other new co-ops that opened their doors in the last twelve months in the upcoming issue of Cooperative Grocer.   This award is spondored by Food Co-op Initiative, CDS Consulting, and Northcountry Cooperative Development Fund.