This is our library of reference material, training documents, web links and other resources for everyone who is interested in retail food co-ops, but especially for those of you working to start new ones. These pages represent a collective effort to compile the best, most current information that is available. Please use, share, and enjoy this content. In exchange, we ask for your feedback, corrections, updates and suggestions for additional material.

Here is what you will find:

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Development Model: This is stop number one for any would-be co-op creator. Everything in our resource section refers back to the Four Cornerstones and Three Stages model of co-op development.

Startup Support Chart: A simple chart naming the development partners you will need to work with from the first idea to the final store opening. 

Comprehensive Guides: We'll walk you through the process of starting a co-op, step by step. Includes presentations you can share with your community.

Financial Toolbox: Indispensable templates and guides for budgeting and planning

Governance: How to for boards, including sample policies

Marketing & Membership: What you need to build a successful membership program

ToolboxEven more specialized information that didn't fit in the major sections above

Web Links: A searchable database of organizations, articles and resources provided by other co-op supporters

Webinars: Recorded training presentations, cross referenced by stage and subject